Hetherington, Karpel, Bobber, Teich & Pippin, LLC

For over thirty years the attorneys of Hetherington, Karpel, Bobber, Teich & Pippin, LLC have been representing injured workers, accident victims and their families.

We are dedicated to obtaining the best possible medical care and the maximum possible monetary compensation for your injuries. What truly distinguishes us from other lawyers is that we are equally dedicated to helping you cope with the stress and hardship caused by the trauma you experienced. We understand your life has been severely disrupted. It our job to do whatever we can to help you put your life back together.

Our highly accomplished attorneys have earned the respect of judges, arbitrators and defense attorneys through our skill, thoroughness and commitment to our clients. We devote the time and resources required to ensure the success of every case, whether large or small. We have a large, experienced and caring staff to help us serve our clients, and we also employ the most qualified investigators, physicians and experts as required by the unique facts of each case. We approach each case with the idea that we are always preparing for trial, and we believe that our success in resolving cases to our clients’ satisfaction is the result of our demonstrating to our opponents that we will win at trial.

Our greatest pride is our strong relationship with our clients. You can reach us when you need us. We know that strong communication between attorney and client creates trust and understanding and contributes to the success of your case. That is why thousands of satisfied former clients have sent their family, friends and co-workers to us for representation in time of need.

If you or someone close to you has been injured as a result of an accident or professional malpractice, contact us. There is no charge for a consultation, and we never charge a fee until we recover money for you.

Call us. We are here to help.